Diabetes Linked to Inadequate Sleep


The dangers of inadequate sleep have been stressed by scientists, but it seems that doctors do not discuss the risks with their patients as much as warning them against alcohol and cigarettes or advising on diet and exercise. This may be because many doctors themselves have lack of sleep and see it as a normal part of daily life.

Anyhow, for several years now, it has been pointed out that inadequate sleep, which some people had assumed would make them lose weight, actually caused weight gain. It is the same with stress. Though at some point in the past people had associated weight loss with stress, the reverse is now becoming true. As obesity becomes more pervasive, it just seems that it enters into every aspect of daily living. Because of this tendency to gain weight, researchers have found that those who do not get adequate sleep are at risk of developing pre-diabetes, or impaired fasting glucose, a state where the body makes excessive insulin but the body is not responding to it. There are many theories, and one is that the body makes insulin in response to stress and insulin is known to cause weight gain.


The study set the limit on sleep at six hours, which is less than the previously recommended eight hours, which many of us are struggling to get every night. So, besides all the dangers of fatigue and lack of concentration due to inadequate sleep, now everyone needs to be warned about the dangers of developing diabetes. Will the bad news ever end?