Secrets To A Long Life


So, what is the secret to old age? Well, nobody really knows. Health experts are continually pushing on the exercise, eat a balanced meal, don’t smoke, and only drink alcohol in moderation, if at all. And, of course, The Healthy Blogger advocates all of this. Yet, it is not the magic prescription, for people still die at young ages from many different causes. On the other hand, some may live to be over 100 and never followed this advice.


When we hear of someone reaching the 3-digit mark, we make general assumptions about that person based on where they come from. These general assumptions are always about food – you know, “Oh, it must be…


1.) …the olive oil“: if they are from the Mediterranean area.


2.) …the fish”: if they are on an island.


3.) …the rice”: if they are from the Orient.


And the list goes on.


But what do the centenarians really attribute it to? The answers can be rather funny at times. Most of them also attribute it to food, but some just say it is healthy habits, such as exercise and not smoking. Of course, we’ve all heard some of them make jokes, such as quitting smoking about 5 years previously. As for food, again, we hear some extreme tales that can be hard to prove or disprove. According to the BBC Magazine page, some claim their longevity is due to things such as custard, salt, and donkey’s milk. I heard someone once say they had 4 eggs a day.


Of course, we have to take all this with a “grain of salt“. Maybe it is true that these unusual dietary habits did sustain these people. But, we need to be careful not to assume that it will work for us. There is no one special secret to old age. Each of us requires a different formula and only some of us are fortunate enough to discover that formula.