Unexpected Link Between Cancer & Vegetables


In the promotion of healthy eating, we are all told to have 5-7 servings of vegetables and 3-5 servings of fruits a day. In addition, we are warned to decrease our consumption of meat, especially red meat. This is most likely due to the high quantity of fat found in red meat. On the other hand, the consumption of fish is good for you. All the health experts are constantly inundating us with new findings indicating the link between a poor diet and poor health. No surprise. They further report that red meat is linked to many different cancers.


So it is no surprise that yet another study has shown that those who follow a strictly vegetarian diet have lower rates of cancer than those who eat red meat. It is also no surprise that the consumption of fish reduced the rates of cancer. But wait! There is a surprise. The new study showed that despite the lower risk of overall cancer, those who followed the vegetarian diet had a higher risk of colorectal cancer than those who eat red meat. This goes against prior preachings on eating more vegetables and less meat to prevent colorectal cancer.


It has stupefied scientists, who will now need to look further into this unexpected link. So, it appears that there will need to be a shift in our thinking. I would not suggest that vegetarians eat meat. However, I would caution them to beware lest they are complacent in their belief that all is well for them in health. Perhaps, the best diet would be one that is high in fruits, vegetables and fish, and less in red meat. We will need to wait and see.